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12V/24V Small Epoxy Potting PCB Mounting Low Power Transformer

12V/24V Small Epoxy Potting PCB Mounting Low Power Transformer

Input voltage, 12V/24V or customized
Output voltage, customized
Frequency, 50/60Hz

  • Features & Specification

    12V/24V small epoxy potting PCB mounting low power transformer

    Frequency, 50/60Hz

    Output voltage, customized  

    Input voltage, 12V/24V or customized

    Carel Tech chassis mount transformers are available in a variety of practical sizes. Our split bobbin and non-concentric winding provide better insulation and high signal isolation, eliminating the need for electrostatic shielding. Utilize on of our standard transformers or we can provide a custom adaptation of a catalog chassis mount transformer to fit your specifications. All Carel Tech Transformer products are 100% quality tested and meet the requirements of safety agencies around the world.

    Electrical Characteristics     

    a) Low heat generation        

    b) 3 frames or full isolation bobbin

    c) Clean appearance and convenient installation

    d) High efficiency,  We use good silicon sheet and good copper wire 

    e) The cores are lapped by silicon steel sheet of high - quality and have been treated by insulation 



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    Q1.what's the Payment Terms ?

    T/T, 30% deposit in advance and 70% balance paid before delivery.

    Q2.What's the sample cost ?

    Free samples below 3-5 pcs or according the sample's quantity but the cost can refund after place order

    Q3.What's the Sample lead time ?

    1~3 days

    Q4.what's the Production lead time ?

    15-20 working days after order confimed

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